Looking for a dumb hat? or a funny hat? or an ugly Christmas sweater? or sweeter? Or where to buy an asshat? Or if asshats exist? Or where to buy a great hat? Or funny gag gift? A really mean present. Gift for someone you hate? A gift for a nerd? a gift for a bad neighbor? A good payback or pay back? a revenge gift? A sexy hat? or sexy gift? A hat or beanie for a teenager? A really bad Christmas sweater, why not just an asshat. Just as good? What can I find on-line? What should I look for today on-line? I'm bored. I'm bored what should I look for internet? a funny gag gift. a stupid gag gift? Dumb college hat? Why would a hipster wear an asshat or beanie?
From the slang expression " Having one's head up one's ass," thus, wearing the ass as a hat. The term is extended to people who are clueless or bumbling,
who do not understand
what is going on.